I tried It - 5 Ways To Transition To Vegan Living & Why It's Worth It

It's not just for Veganuary! A guide on how to make life-changing vegan living your goal with 5 favourite Vegan products and experiences.

Radio presenter and Yoga Entrepreneur Natalie Farrell (founder of Yummy Yoga Girl Luxurious Yoga Ware available on shop.lifebyequipe.com) shares her month of mouth-watering adventures as she reflects on life as a Vegan.

I tried It - 5 Ways To Transition To Vegan Living & Why It's Worth It

The start of 2020 was a powerful one to say the least. I made the decision to change

environment for my New Year’s celebrations. I chose to spend time with like-minded people in the beautiful Andalusian Hills as I took part in a two day yoga festival at Wakana Lakes, biting the bullet and saying NO to a boozy New Year’s Eve.

But more than that it was about changing my environment. The thought of being hungover and feeding my body with unwanted amounts of sugar, chatting a load of nonsense with friends was so unappealing.

So, my boyfriend and I agreed that a yoga retreat would be the ideal “healthy” solution and would offer us a chance to meet new friends and try new moves, foods and grooves! To surround yourself in nature gives you with the gift of space to clear your head and mindfully observe the simplicity to the way nature evolves. This certainly came from my experience at Wakana Lakes along with a new love for dancing wildly and yummy plant-based food. It was party in your mouth food!

I tried It - 5 Ways To Transition To Vegan Living & Why It's Worth It


I’m so intrigued by the various sumptuous tastes that occur when a few veg, nuts and seeds hit a vita mix. A true party in your mouth bursting into life then into our guts as we eat pure lifeforce! So, this fresh and invigorating start to 2020 lead me without a doubt to joining the Veganuary challenge.

My whole life has been about taking little steps and changes towards holistic and green

living. The transitions for me over the years have been easy and fun. I have dived into

product research, best practises for reducing waste, chatting through ways to make an

impact with friends, creating blogs and hunting down the best alternative restaurants

around the world.

Finding joy in the journey along with creating a mental “carbon footprint” wish list has

impacted by business and personal life. I wake up in the morning and treat my whole body to ingredients which are sourced with love and created to innovate and regenerate our eco system.

In this article I am so happy to be sharing with you my 5 favourite Vegan products and experiences populated from my Veganuary Debut.

ringana vegan skincare

1. Ringana Vegan Skincare

I find a face washing ritual refreshes me for the day ahead. I love Ringana products because they are absolutely fresh. The products you order online will have only been made two weeks prior to the order and have a short life span. All the ingredients are standardised raw with high levels of active substances.

I can cleanse and nourish my 39 year-old skin knowing that all the ingredients are without any of the nasty chemicals which give it that longer shelve life. The skin is the largest organ in our body and whatever we put onto it seeps into our blood stream.

My advice is to start slowly with the transition and definitely get to know the right ingredients for your skin.

I am loving pampering and nourishing my skin with the following 4 products: Cleanse,

followed by Calm Tonic then Glow beauty booster and finally the Tinted Moisturiser which is full of antioxidants to give my skin a flawless and radiant sheen.

raw chocolate starter kit elements for life at shop.lifebyequipe.com

2. Confessions of a Chocolate Lover

Becoming Vegan doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in what the Inka’s describe as the “food of the gods.” I have had so much fun making my own chocolate. It tastes 100 times better than any dark chocolate I’ve ever bought in the shops and it’s so easy to make.

I recommend Elements for Life Raw Chocolate starter kit - click here to shop.


3. Products with a conscious

Some days I choose to wear make-up, and, in the past, I had been feeling annoyed that I was putting “yucky stuff” on my face for want of a better word which I knew nothing about.

Then I walked into a beautiful organic shop and discovered Zao. A natural make up which is cruelty free, vegan and uses beautiful sustainable bamboo packaging with an innovative refill system to reduce plastic waste.

Now there is no going back. The products leave my face looking natural and silky smooth and of course the by-product of this introduction to my skincare routine = less waste = better for planet earth. They also offer samples online to try which I believe is an important “trust building” offering when considering spending out on a new product.

I am loving the compact foundation and brick red blush right now. So many people have commented on my natural looking skin. As I’m in my 40th year I feel I want to encourage my collagen regeneration in the most natural of ways and show of my smile lines with pride. So, this brand offers exactly that and much more.

pachamamaorganic workshops

4. & 5. Kitchen Revolution

So many celebrities and athletes are powered by plants. Rich Rolls Ultra-athlete & bestselling author shares his self-realisation and transition to plant-based foods in his book Finding Ultra. On reading the book it sparked my curiosity to how I can source more protein from pulses. So, with Veganuary in full swing and the hunger for more knowledge I booked myself onto The Plant based and Superfood Wholefood Kitchen Revolution with La Pachamama Organic Kitchen.

This 4-hour workshop blew my mind and belly! Such invaluable information was shared on replacement foods such as flax egg for making cakes and educating us on the essential ingredients needed for every kitchen.

The big message was to eat seasonally and to buy foods that are as natural looking as possible so you can be in charge of the processing in your own kitchen. I don’t know how I ever coped without a Mandolin and Microplane!

If you fancy a trip to South of Spain, I highly recommend Benjamin and Anne-Marie’s


katybeskow vegan cookbook

Finally, I love to cook however I love to cook recipes which are fast, easy and yummy. 15 minute Vegan is a cookbook by Katy Beskow. It has made Veganuary such a blissful experience with its affordable and inspirational dishes. The recipes are easy to follow, and all the results are delicious. How do I know? Well, I used this book as one of my main resources for my Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat in November 2019 and the sound of silence at supper, bar the occasion “mmmm”, was all the proof I needed!

A fellow yoga teacher said to me if everyone ate more responsibly then Veganism wouldn’t even exist. And I agree with her. I hate labels and Vegan and Vegetarian are both labels. I have really missed cow’s milk in my tea or so I thought. But the other day I smelt milk for the first time since January 1st and it smelt so strong my body didn’t even invite digesting it.

On reflection I have loved my challenge; my energy levels have been great I have eaten such diverse ingredients and learnt information about food which has undoubtably revolutionised my kitchen habits. I am going to remain a flexitarian and keep listening to my body if it desires fish then fish it shall have but I know now that 95% of my life will be fuelled by plants.

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