5 Day Protein-Loaded Breakfast Plan

Time to read: 30 secs

Need some 'food inspo' for your working week breakfasts?

Want to stay away from the sugar-loaded cereal and add more muscle building protein to your breakie?

Follow this 5-day breakfast plan by fellow Equiper, Edward Baker from Neurokinex to feel fuller for longer!

Day 1:

3 egg omelette with chopped mushrooms and spinach, sprinkle dried chilli and oregano on top or supercharge your seeds with the Turmeric & Chilli Super Seeds Breakfast Boosts by Two Birds Cereals and serve with large mug green tea​

Turmeric Chilli Seeds Breakfast Boosts

Day 2:

Large avocado and 4 rashers free range bacon, served with chopped cherry tomatoes and 1 cup full fat greek yoghurt, 500ml water

Day 3:

3 poached eggs served with large bowl of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and fresh strawberries, black coffee

Day 4:

Cold chicken or turkey served with 5 oatcakes, mayo and hot sauce with 1 banana and 1 apple, 500 ml water

Day 5:

Oat porridge with 50/50 whole milk and water, stir in chopped banana/berries, pecan nuts and a dash of pure maple syrup. Serve with fresh fruit​

Oat Porridge