1 Journal = 365 Opportunities To Improve Your Balanced Lifestyle

Feeling a bit flat after summer?

Or maybe you're feeling renewed after a break and want to start achieving your grand plans?…. ours include setting up home with a furry little thing that likes cuddles, long walks and treats!

If you're anything like us here at Life By Equipe, the first few weeks after summer are a great time to start evaluating what it is you want to achieve in your health (after carnival cocktails have been had), fitness (after getting on and off sun loungers counted as activity), career, relationships & self-esteem.

All these things can buzz around your noggin all day long – the secret to achieve them is to jot them down!


Not sure where to start?

If you're anything like me, I started off having a self-help notebook for each area of my life flapping about at home and in my workbag:

I had one for career goals that used to form my annual performance review paperwork;

I wrote down how I could improve my relationships in a separate notepad;

I had insta-worthy quotes from self-help books screen shot on my phone;

I had my nutrition goals on an app that I could only see when I remembered to charge my phone;

I had workout plans ripped out from magazines;

I also had various spreadsheets watching what I spend.

I valued each of them, but keeping these all separate felt like a chore to remember and my goals never seamed to mesh together.

Well no matter what YOU'VE used before to remind yourself of your goals, be it the odd post-it, back of receipt, fridge magnet etc, the Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal has to be the ULTIMATE all-in-one place for recording your intentions.

We just wanted to share with you why it can help you. So this is the first in a series of articles about how you can use the journal throughout the next 365 days and see in the new year already 1/3 of the way into achieving the BEST YOU.

We have 100 days left of 2017 to set new challenges – a lot can be done in 100 days!


The Journal Deets:

What Is The Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal?

It’s a motivational and inspirational daily Journal designed to track your fitness and wellbeing goals and help you benefit from a more balanced lifestyle.

It really is an all-in-one journal combining:

1. A lifestyle and fitness tracker,

2. A goal setting mentor,

3. An appointment planner,

4. A daily journal,

5. An inspirational evaluation tool of how you are working on your goals and

6. A personal self-help book with tips and questions to ask yourself about all 8 significant areas of your life - from relationships, health, wealth to fun.

With all this combined into one coffee-table-sized journal, it really can help you address all areas of your life.

Who’s It For?


People who like having goals written down.

People who like the old-school way of jotting their thoughts, goals and progress in multiple areas of their life down on glossy paper and not typed on apps.

People who value wisdom – not the meme kind, real, comes-from-you wisdom.

People who are curious about making changes in their life, whether you like a Tony Robbins ‘say it how it is’ kinda approach or whether you like a ‘guided mentor’ approach to help you decide what you want to change.

People who like ideas to come from themselves, and who aren’t afraid of putting in the effort!

Oh hey – that’s you!

How Can I Benefit From Using The Journal?

This Journal helps:

  • Supercharge your goals, setting crystal-clear goals that'll keep you motivated to train, set healthy eating habits,

  • Provide generous space for your own unique tracking of things like meals, calorie intake, exercise, supplements, macros, reps x sets, target muscles, relationship building achievements, career ideas, how you’ve had fun today - whatever you'd like to monitor.

  • Log 365 days of goal achievements and watch that progression be unleashed page-by-page - the surest way to ensure you are progressing is to record your day.

  • Inspirational evaluation of how you’re doing with exercise, recovery, career progression, health etc - which will not only give you a jolt of pride from seeing your progression but also help notice patterns to help optimise your workouts, nutrition, habits and interactions with others.

The result of using the journal is less wasted time starting to achieve your goals and more gains.

Why Is It So Good?

It features:

  • Introduction and step by step guidance on using the Journal

  • Health, wellbeing, mindfulness and lifestyle tips

  • Goal setting planner

  • 365 undated daily pages, each with journal section

  • Daily yoga pose illustrations

  • Daily inspirational thoughts

  • Nutrition and physical activity tracker

  • Separate Weekly and Monthly summary section

  • Colouring pencils

  • Daily gratitude list

Why We Love It

It has expert health and fitness sections together with tips and advice support you to take a fresh look at various aspects of your life from health, meditation and mindfulness, career ambition, wealth, relationships, to fun and physical environment, yet the emphasis remains on you balancing your lifestyle to improve your overall wellbeing.

You can start your journal at any time of the year or gift it to someone - it contains a whole year's worth of undated daily pages at a great price.

Need to take a break from training through injury or just to recharge? Not a problem! Keep on track with other goals in the meantime and use the insightful questions in the weekly summary to consider what you have achieved as a whole, and what changes can be made next week that will have a positive impact!

Imagine months from now and how using the Journal has kept you motivated in reaching your goals! These peeps love it:

"A life-affirming book." Dee, GP

"This journal aims to pull everything together to help you create balance in your life and I think it’s a really good idea." Sarah, Personal Trainer

"A wonderful and effective way to put my life in order. This Journal is transformative! Thank you." Tom, Martial Arts Instructor