20 Min Yoga Video Tutorial: Vinyasa Yoga

Your anytime, anywhere FREE 20 minute gentle vinyasa flow and live music class, exclusively from YO-MU

Need a yoga hit but can't make it to that studio class?

Need a great yoga teacher to take you through your practice but you want to yoga in your pj's?

Join Lucy Beckwith and Pepe Arias from YO-MU for 20 minutes of gentle vinyasa flow and live music tutorial video below.

YO-MU Live music and Yoga flow sessions were created to get you out of your head and into your body. Resident in the heart of Barcelona, YO-MU offers daily classes and tours live events across the UK and world-wide. YO-MU: bringing yoga and music for the people. ''Since both music and yoga can induce a transcendent state of mind, it´s only natural that combining the two will maximise your bliss"


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