2 Ways To Boost Your Mind, Body & Fitness Recovery With Hence Nutritional Super Stacks

Are you trying your best to eat a balanced diet but still feel as if maybe you aren’t getting enough?

You aren’t alone.

Chances are, you may already be sustaining a healthy enough nutritional balance - but in a hectic lifestyle full of training, work and that ever-elusive search for total recovery, there is room to optimise your physical and mental health.

Hence Nutritional Super Stacks are high grade food supplements using multiple synergic & powerful ingredients, carefully formulated for those wanting to optimise their health alongside a healthy diet

Hence Nutritional Super Stacks are high grade food supplements using multiple synergic & powerful ingredients, carefully formulated for those wanting to optimise their health alongside a healthy diet.

1. Greens Stack Nutritional Support Supplement is 100% natural juicy peach flavour powder for adding to your morning water, juice and smoothies with a range of premium phytonutrients, Nootropic, Adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

2. Zn Mag Stack is a convenient post-workout mineral replenishment capsule containing a unique blend of vitamins and minerals for joint health and cognitive support.

Let's take a look into each one - available at shop.lifebyequipe.com

High grade greens powder with perfectly balanced plant based phytonutrients, antioxidants and a powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs for athletic performance. Juicy peach flavour.

1. Greens Stack Nutritional Support Supplement - a juicy peach flavoured powder to add to water, juice & morning smoothies

Not just your average greens. This is superior in Phytonutrients (natural plant products with wide ranging micronutrient qualities) and Adaptogens (proven positive mental and physical beneficial herbs). Greens Stack offers full proven dosages of these best-in-class ingredients.

Greens Stack powder is 100% natural and made from synergistic, scientifically proven ingredients for the mornings.

How can Greens Stack help?

Whether you’re training, competing or simply living a busy life, Greens Stack helps you get the maximum from every activity. Greens Stack is designed to give a noticeable boost in mood and energy from day one along with performance, recovery and health benefits including:

  • Improved recovery rate

  • Increase energy & reduces fatigue

  • Aids a healthy diet with additional greens

  • Anti ageing & anti inflammatory properties

  • Clearer skin & stronger nails

  • Stress relief & mood boosting properties

  • Reduced risk of disease

  • Improvement in performance

  • Decreased sugar cravings

  • High in Vegan proteins

Greens Stack Nutritional Support Supplement

What’s Greens Stack made of?

Greens! But not any greens…Hence select the best quality ingredients that have been tested and researched and perform exceptionally well, benefitting body and mind and blend them to maximise effectiveness and bio-availability.

You can see the full breakdown of ingredients and reviews by real customers HERE.

The combination of ingredients are antioxidants, mood-boosters, hormone-balancers, energy boosters and anti-inflammatories stacked into one super greens product.

Algae, roots, herbs, spices and plant leaf extracts combine with water or juice to make Greens Stack a dark slightly sweet mix.

100% natural and synergistic, scientifically proven ingredients, it is designed to cover the micronutrients missing from your diet in a convenient peach flavoured powder drink sweetened with natural stevia.

Discover more about Greens Stack Nutritional Supplement Support at shop.lifebyequipe.com

Zn Mag Stack Post Workout Mineral Replenishment

2. Zn Mag Stack Post Workout Mineral Replenishment Capsules - containing a unique blend of vitamins and minerals for joint health and cognitive support after exercise.

Optimising Athletes is the Hence mission.

Post-workout we crash, collapse and listen to our heart pound. Zn Mag replenishes lost vital mineral & vitamins in the body, affected by strenuous exercise in a high bioavailable way, slowly and through maximised absorption. STACKED on top is joint support from type 2 collagen and cognitive restoration from Huperzine A.

Zn Mag Stack Post Workout Mineral Replenishment

How can Zn Mag Stack help?

Zn Mag Stack covers every aspect of recovery, alongside your macro-nutrient meal, covering what food can’t - cellular level energy depletion. This little power pill promotes joint health and mobility, with paused cognitive regression.

This is a unique and powerful mineral delivery system allowing for slow-release, highly bio-available magnesium and zinc.

It can assist with 300 systems in the body, including muscular cell-level and energy recovery, critical mineral replenishment, cognitive restoration, and healthy bone & joint health.

This stack essentially includes 4 standalone products: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • The unique Magnesium and Zinc delivery system allows for lower mineral compound delivery requirement and higher bio availability. Gradually released over the following hours for effective absorption, these help with muscle repair, muscle growth and speed of recovery.

  • Full effective serving of premium Vitamin D3. Synergistic in the body's usage with Magnesium. The UK population is largely deficit. With every cell in your body using D3, we believe D3 should be prioritised. ⠀

  • Collagen (UCII) proven to assist in joint health and mobility.⠀

  • Effective dosage Huperzine A, inhibiting brain cell degradation and halting decline in cognition & ability for learning. Some research suggesting improved mind-muscle connection also as a tool for muscle growth and repair.⠀

The capsules are designed to be taken post workout, with a balanced meal. So it's not everything you need post-exercise, but it's everything probably missing from your post workout meal.⠀⠀

Zn Mag Stack Post Workout Mineral Replenishment

Discover more about Zn Mag Supplements at shop.lifebyequipe.com


When you Work Hard, Recover Harder with Hence

Hence don’t want to replace your vegetables or fill holes in a poor diet but they aim to provide:

> SYNERGY (grouped ingredients, perfectly suited to be timed around your schedule)

> CONVENIENCE (from experience, feedback and a real world approach)

> INTEGRITY (full & effective honest dosages)

> NO COMPROMISE (No artificial sweeteners affecting gut health and more. Formulation and sourcing focused on delivering the best results not the high profit margins)