18 Guided Meditations by Meditainment - Ranked

Meditation - what comes to mind? Cross-legged monks chanting ommmm? Trying to ‘clear your mind’ then getting annoyed because you're thinking too much about not-thinking!? Seams a bit like too much effort? Have no fear – Meditainment has you covered.

www.meditainment.com is a website containing a series of 18, FREE, high-quality, guided meditations and can be used as go-to gurus in times of stress, for when you need to relax, for handling stress, for visualising personal goals and much more…

Before you carry on reading, why not check out our review and the 13 reasons why it's the best guided meditation we’ve tried!

Our favourite part of Meditainment is the variety of exotic and peaceful places you're guided through, showing that meditations do NOT have to be boring or lots of effort.

Absolutely no training is required, anyone can enhance their wellbeing and calm their mind, first time round. It’s as easy-to-do as following a relaxing story with your eyes closed, one that changes each month to help you address multiple areas of your thinking - consider it as travelling to places that leave you feeling your best.

Everyone will come to mediation with different purposes in mind, which means some of the meditainment places you’ll love and some, not so much. We’ve tried & tested all the places for you so you can know what to expect!


Here are our top meditainment places, ranked in order that we most enjoyed them (and hey, if your order is different to ours, let us know which ones you loved the most):

1st Place - Serenity Spa

Purpose: A meditation for renewed confidence

Treat yourself to a day at the spa

The Story: This spa is a retreat like no other. Let go, feel weightless as you ease yourself into a warm bubbling Jacuzzi before indulging in a luxurious full body massage.

What I love about it: The cascading water sounds and luxe marble bath imagery makes you feel like you are really there. I liked having the choice of bath salt colour too.

I finished this and felt: Like I had given myself permission to rest.

Perfect for those who: Deserve some pampering and who like a good countdown from 10-1 to help them relax.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


2 - Country Meadow

Purpose: A meditation for rest and tranquility

Lie down in nature & let go of exhaustion

The Story: Gently glide down the river in a canoe and settle down in your personal meadow. Just rest, as you spend the afternoon shaded in the summer sun, drifting off into deep tranquility and peace.

What I love about it: It’s gives ample space in the middle of the meditation for you to simply imagine where you are, listening to the sounds of the meadow.

I finished this and felt: Like I wanted to listen to it over and over.

Perfect for those who: Want a bit of peace and who like the sounds of crickets, birds, bees.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


3 - Secret Garden

Purpose: A meditation for clarity & calm

Retreat in nature

The Story: Take time to escape in your very own beautifully serene walled garden. Relax in the warm summer sun before retreating to your hammock in the cool natural shade, here you can gain perspective on any issue you choose.

What I love about it: Imaging walking on soft fluffy grass and hearing the wood pigeons. It also gave me time to consider an important issue going on whilst in a state of meditative ease.

I finished this and felt: Like I had been transported to the grounds of a restful place and that I was more at ease with the topic that normally would have me worried.

Perfect for those who: Need a time and private space to consider a specific issue. Also who love a good robe to wear and has had no traumatic incidences with hammocks or bees!

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


4 - Deep Ocean

Purpose: A meditation for total relaxation

Deep dive for deep relaxation

The Story: If water calms you down, then you will love spending time under-water diving slowly down into the depths, where you enjoy a deep state of relaxation listening to the songs and calls of whales.

What I love about it: The calm ocean sounds when you immerse yourself under water and encountering the gentle giants. It was a slow-paced, restful and gave plenty of quiet time for me to be at ease with my thoughts.

I finished this and felt: Asleep! Just what I needed!

Perfect for those who: Loved to listen under the water in a bath or who love watching Planet Earth!

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


5 - Welcome Wood

Purpose: A meditation for slowing right down

Create time for yourself and unwind in the safety of a cabin

The Story: Take in the rolling hills, fresh clean air and trickling streams on this nature walk. Let the tall tree canopy give you shelter from the rain. After a rejuvenating walk, while away the hours in front of a log fire.

What I love about it: The relaxed woodland noises felt familiar and choosing which path to take made sure I was actively participating. The clock slowing down time actually helped me slow my breath down too.

I finished this and felt: Super relaxed and loving the UK countryside, even when it rains.

Perfect for those who: Feel at peace taking woodland walks and like a flickering fire.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


6 - Holiday Beach

Purpose: A meditation for feeling just great

Boost your self-esteem with a quick jaunt on a hot sandy beach

The Story: Feel positive about your fitness and health whilst lying on a warm sandy beach. Rest and take shade under the palm trees or wander in the warmth of the sun with the waves gently lapping the shore. When the sun sets, the fun doesn't stop there, why not take to the café for music and dancing?

What I love about it: Lapping waves, gentle wind chimes and fiesta music totally brings you into a relaxed holiday mode.

I finished this and felt: Warm, cosy, skin-tingly as you're encouraged to feel the wet sand under feet, smell the salty air whilst hearing the waves. Such an uplifting meditation.

Perfect for those: Who are in need of boosting their body-positivity. Celebrate your gorgeousness and dance a little.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


7 - Blue Lagoon

Purpose: A meditation for positive reflection

Let the sea be your guide

The Story: Feed your confidence and embark on this sailing voyage to the lush crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon. With the open sea all around you, follow the dolphin to your private lagoon and recall a happy memory.

What I love about it: The crystal clear water and palm tree imagery plus imaging the warm touch of the sun. Remembering a happy moment that easily comes to mind helps when you're feeling overwhelmed.

I finished this and felt: Refreshed and at ease with how i’m handling adult life - or adulting if you will!

Perfect for those who: Loved watching Flipper as a child or who have earmarked ‘tropical paradise’ as a bucket-list place to visit!

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


8 - Tropical Sands

Purpose: A meditation for managing stress

De-stress and feel the sand between your toes

The Story: If stress is spinning out of control, take a walk along this palm tree lined beach in a remote island. Feel the cool water under your feet as you stroll along the beach, letting go more and more of your worries with every step you take.

What I love about it: Imagining the warm touch of the sun with the cool sea around my ankles. This really helped to calm me down.

I finished this and felt: Like I had discovered some unspoiled surroundings whilst my day-to-day life felt far away.

Perfect for those who: Who want to dilute the impact of stress with relaxation and calmness.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


9 - Mountain Refuge

Purpose: A meditation for self motivation

Sense the energy of a storm

The Story: Fly to the comfort of a secluded mountain refuge. Relax in the warmth of a real open fire. A home away from home with scenic views of the valley and mountains. Whatever the weather this place is nothing short of idyllic.

What I love about it: The progressive muscle relaxation exercise at the beginning makes this meditation unique and helped to melt away tension before the story starts.

I finished this and felt: Unafraid of getting stuff done - choosing one achievable task helped me avoid procrastination afterwards.

Perfect for those who: Have always wanted to fly as their superpower and who need a bit of task motivation.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


10 - Fantasy Island

Purpose: A meditation for calmness of thought

A trip away from stress & anxiety

The Story: No time for an excursion? No worries. Let your mind do the walking for you. Swim, hike and enjoy yourself in a picturesque island. After a day frolicking with the sun, you watch a magnificent sunset before returning to your boat.

What I love about it: Staring into a picture of a beach and find yourself merging into the picture. Cooling my bare feet in the clear blue sea as I strolled peacefully before my jungle walk.

I finished this and felt: When the boat comes to collect me, I didn't want to leave. Perfect for those who: Want to escape the hustle and bustle, feel rushed, stressed and in need of recharging.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


11 - Desert Oasis

Purpose: A meditation for deep recharge

See it to believe it

The Story: Take yourself to the limit and trek through the hot desert to a cool, refreshing oasis. Watch the sun dance on the crystal clear sparkling water as you re-energise in the shelter of the surrounding palm trees.

What I love about it: It builds up the burning heat and sand imagery (which some people might not like) but when you find the pool in the ‘oasis’, it’s quite a restorative contrast of noises and temperature.

I finished this and felt: Quiet, contented, needing a cup of water afterwards.

Perfect for those who: Need a quiet, cosy sanctuary away from noisy people and places.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


12 - City Park

Purpose: A meditation for seeing opportunities

Discover a whole new perspective

The Story: Escape the big city chaos. Pick a good spot on the grass, laze in the sun and watch the world go by. Daydream and let your thoughts roam freely.

What I love about it: The progressive muscle relaxation exercise helped melt away tension before the story starts.

I finished this and felt: The things that were stressing me out minutes before did turn out to be opportunities to meet my goals with the future visualisation part.

Perfect for: City-life peeps who like nothing better than finding a tranquil place within the hustle and bustle to people-watch.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


13 - Lost City

Purpose: A meditation for inner vision

Expect the unexpected

The Story: Prepare to be amazed on this mysterious and exotic sightseeing adventure. Trek through the lively jungle and take the time to explore this ancient city.

What I love about it: The music accompanying the 10-1 relaxation countdown was different to the other Meditainment places, a bit more ‘piano’ musicy. Also the ‘free-flow’ of thoughts part was satisfying.

I finished this and felt: I’m not sure - I kinda fell asleep to this one each time I played it!

Perfect for those who: Like Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones was as chilled AS F.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


14 - Island Paradise

Purpose: For rapid relaxation

Relaxation in a jiffy

The Story: Cut stress quickly with this 7-minute guided relaxation exercise that walks you through seven levels of relaxation in a background of nature sounds. Combine this with deep abdominal breathing and you have a tool that you can use whenever you need to calm down rapidly.

What I love about it: Waves, bird song, waterfall, rainforest sounds, what’s not to like?

I finished this and felt: Powerfully calm in just 7 mins.

Perfect for those who: Need a quick countdown to relaxation.

Length: 7 minute guided meditation.


15 - Earthrise

Purpose: A meditation for perspective

Imagine the view

The Story: Walk on the moon! Feel light as a feather as you explore the lunar landscape. See the world from a whole new perspective with an experience that will leave you breathless.

What I liked about it: The slow moonwalking and nature noises help to slow your breathing. You get a lot of time listening to sounds and music without instruction.

I finished this and felt: A bit detached from niggly issues.

Perfect for those who: Would benefit from putting their own issues into perspective.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


16 - Sky Realm

Purpose: A meditation for self empowerment

Exercise to let go completely

The Story: Ever wished you were Superman? Experience the freedom of flying in the limitless sky, with oceans, valleys and rivers far below you. Then let go of all your worries and be as light as the clouds, enjoying the majestic sunrise and sunset in this quiet beautiful place.

What I liked about it: The instructions to let go of thoughts and concerns - allowing myself a window of perspective.

I finished this and felt: The wind in my face! I’m amazed by the realistic sound effects although the traffic sounds were a bit off-putting.

Perfect for those who: Like to do physical muscle relaxation exercises to release tension and are not phobic about flying.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


17 - Arctic Igloo

Purpose: A meditation for safety and shelter

For those who feel anxious easily

The Story: Take back control of your life - seek the shelter of your Igloo in the arctic wilderness. Once inside, you feel safe and secure as you wait-out a snow storm that is raging outside. Then experience the bliss of the calmness that envelops you after the storm.

What I liked: Inside the igloo, you get lots of quiet time to yourself but some people may not like the snow storm noises before.

I finished this and felt: A bit disappointed with the cold imagery to be honest. A warm beach is more my thang!

Perfect for those who: Want to witness the awe-inspiring northern lights.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


18 - Willow Tree

Purpose: A meditation for grounding and balance

Get closer to nature

The Story: Take some time to be at one with nature with this engaging and educational expedition, giving you hands-on experience in the life of a willow tree. There’s no better way to appreciate your environment.

What I liked about it: The backed-by-psychology ‘progressive muscle relaxation’ exercise at the beginning helped to release tension before the ‘grounding’ imagery.

I finished this and felt: A bit uneasy with the branch cracking noises and swam of bees...my least favourite.

Perfect for those who: Can be content in nature and don’t mind adopting a ‘tree-persona’ for 20 mins.

Length: 20 minute guided meditation


Meditainment gives you 2 extra levels that are unlocked at all times. Click on the slideshow and hover over the image for details.


And there you have it. Meditainment levels ranked. Obviously my thoughts will be different to yours, so if you prefer other tools, books, guided meditations or apps for meditating, let me know about them below and I'll check them out!

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