100% Natural Essential Oil Inhaler Sticks For Improved Energy, Focus, Calm & Sleep

GO2 100% Natural Essential Oil Inhaler sticks - £3.99 at shop.lifebyequipe.com

GO2 aromatherapy sticks are on-the-go mood changers, designed to help you gently inhale 100% natural essential oils, carefully selected for purity and performance.

Only 100% natural essential oils are used. This means, no nasties, no synthetics and cruelty-free products for your wellbeing.

The benefits of natural essential oils have been known for 6000 years and have once again become a main feature in modern living. Easier, accessible, and now on the go.

Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense. Studies have shown that inhaling the aroma from various Essential Oils can stimulate an area of your brain called the limbic system, this is where emotions, behaviours, sense of smell, long term memory, heart rate & breathing are all controlled. Different odour molecules will result in different messages being sent. The GO2 essential oil blends are uniquely formulated to maximise the response for each described mood. GO2 bring you these benefits on the go with the handy sticks.

This little pocket-rocket is the Energy Stick. It is here for you during those early morning runs, that long list of DIY projects and all those gruelling sports workouts. It helps support performance, be in with sports, work or life tasks in general. It helps leave you feeling rejuvenated, repaired and recovered. 

For ENERGY - it’s a blend of PEPPERMINT, EUCALYPTUS and LEMONGRASS to slap any feeling of fatigue right out of you.

Your answer to mental recovery and relaxation is SLEEP - infusing LAVENDER, RED MANDARIN and FRANKINCENSE.

We know it can be difficult to doze off, but this little bed buddy has the perfect blend of essential oils for when you need a helping hand. You’ll be amazed how the infusion of 100% natural essential oil blends will help your mind open those lungs and increase oxygen to help your body rest, calm and soothe itself into a relaxed state.

A deep nights sleep is proven to reduce stress, which in-turn helps our immune systems fire on all cylinders. So make sure you are getting a good nights sleep.

For all those 'I can't do this' moments, when you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or simply need a break, this pocket-sized B. Calm stick is here to kick stress and nerves away.

The act of physically stopping and inhaling the blend of LAVENDER, BERGAMOT, CARDAMOM and SWEET ORANGE will help you feel calm by assisting in reducing stress, working with your body to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase endorphin levels. It helps leave you feeling rejuvenated, repaired and recovered. 

After everything that’s been happening, it’s time to unwind, naturally.

Finding it hard to stay on track? Want to stay clear-headed for studying, avoiding distractions when working from home, learning new tasks, gaming and completing projects (we see you re-organising your home, the Home Edit fans!)).

The FOCUS blend of PEPPERMINT, LIME and ROSEMARY can help helps support mental performance and alertness in our busy lives. Say goodbye to brain fog!

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