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We as humans, are designed to move. In today’s society however, people are becoming more and more sedentary, just further increasing that importance of dedicating time to movement! Whether the gym, running, yoga, dancing or a sport is your thing, find your movement passion and get working out.


Exercise releases endorphins and opiates, reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing. An enormous amount of evidence exists to show that regular exercise is as good as an antidepressant for moderate depression and that it helps calm anxiety. It has also been shown to improve memory, concentration, helps maintain cognitive function into older age and improves self-esteem. This is in addition to everything it does for you physically with regards to strength, muscle tone, body fat % and your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is important to experience different modes of physical activity to fully achieve a balanced level of health and fitness; different types of movement give different benefits to the body and mind. That's why at LBE we advocate all types of movement and training disciplines from the weight room to court-side via the yoga mat! 

Let FitnessGenes tailor your wellness advice based on your goals and genetics. Learn how the test works + what nutritional, fitness & health insights you'll receive to prevent you following prevent you following ineffective health plans for your body

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*Blog Takeover * Wolf & Mermaid guide to why home yoga practice is important for your wellbeing and how you can start one by adding a supportive prop

When you’re working out, the aim is to make yourself healthier but with one small change, you can make the environment healthier too

If aerobic fitness is improved pre season, it is generally maintained until mid-season. Check out this training guide for meeting the fitness demands of the pitch

A medicine ball can be the perfect beach or park workout essential and helps keep you in shape during ice cream season. Here's how to use this handy tool for power or cardio training

Rest is the key to achieving training gains. If you don't give your body sufficient rest you will never progress, essentially making all that training redundant. Here's why!

For those who don't fancy the hotel gym, here's a few ideas of places to go where training is part of the lifestyle and can easily fit into your summer holiday plans

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