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We as humans, are designed to move. In today’s society however, people are becoming more and more sedentary, just further increasing that importance of dedicating time to movement! Whether the gym, running, yoga, dancing or a sport is your thing, find your movement passion and get working out.


Exercise releases endorphins and opiates, reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing. An enormous amount of evidence exists to show that regular exercise is as good as an antidepressant for moderate depression and that it helps calm anxiety. It has also been shown to improve memory, concentration, helps maintain cognitive function into older age and improves self-esteem. This is in addition to everything it does for you physically with regards to strength, muscle tone, body fat % and your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is important to experience different modes of physical activity to fully achieve a balanced level of health and fitness; different types of movement give different benefits to the body and mind. That's why at LBE we advocate all types of movement and training disciplines from the weight room to court-side via the yoga mat! 

Anyone can change any habit. Enter the new decade with these 3 intentions + learn these top 3 tips for making & keeping your resolutions...Finally!

When the Xmas excess is making you sluggish, here's a simple at-home, whole body workout to help 'sleigh' your fitness goals and have a 'Happy New Rear'!

We all know that Christmas is a time for indulging and relaxing the rules.  However if your willpower is as strong as the waistband in your leggings (yesssss...stretchy pants!), you'll love these top tips for a healthier xmas

Festive Mode On. Make more time for resting! Spoil a loved one with wellness and recovery gifts that simply feel good!

Still deciding what to buy your closest pals? If you have the list but not the goods, look no further than our Christmas guide for festive fitties!

All is Calm, Bras are Bright! Christmas is nearing but you still have time to gift someone the perfect yogi experience. Shopping yoga kit essentials just got special!

Surprise your favourite man-mountain with stylish & innovative sports apparel + health-focused nutrition & accessories, available on our store

Our Christmas guide of performance activewear, top picks for those who like to smash it, plus gut-healthy fuel and supplements to combat the urban hustle!

Christmas is nearing but you've still got time to get that secret Santa pressie or shop for the ultimate snacks on the go - ideal stocking fillers!

Don't elf yourself trying to find a healthy gift for those little yoginis! Shop Kid's Yoga Mats + our picks for treats that'll stop kids craving sugary snacks

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