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Together with the most engaging wellness experts of today, we deliver expert advice, and curate original products of high quality, at great prices. To help you live well, live full, live long.

No more ripped hands, no more wrist pain when you train. These Velites Shell Flexy Hand Grips will keep your hands healthy for your next workout!

Woza advocate that eating meat is a privilege and that we all eat less but better-quality, ethically produced meat all year round - here's why!

When the Xmas excess is making you sluggish, here's a simple at-home, whole body workout to help 'sleigh' your fitness goals and have a 'Happy New Rear'!

Woza reveal the core differences between their biltong and regular jerky, so you can be rest assured that your biltong is nutritiously superior, free from artificial preservatives, sugar and gluten

Regular working out increases life expectancy and also life quality. So here's 3 simple tips you can put in place today to keep you moving!

Here's 3 simple throws you can do with a gym ball to help increase your athleticism, recruit large muscle groups and give you a challenging, efficient & fun workout...just watch out for humans, light fittings, windows etc!

Inject some FUN into your 'at home cos it's too cold' workout routine with some fundamental movement skills for maintaining your joints - running, jumping, hopping, crawling & rolling! Make like a toddler and move!!

Feeling “stuck” at a certain weight in your upper body workout? Here's the correct position you should be aiming for, the extra exercise you can try + tips on how to build strength

Turns out that context is key! Plus why PHIZZ Rehydration + Vitamins and Minerals helps unlock your body’s energy, reduce tiredness & fatigue, recharge your electrolytes & maintain a healthy immune system

You're in a good routine of working out, but how do you know you are actually making progress? Here's 3 easy ways to monitor training progress regularly, recommended by experts

Don't risk hamstring injuries. Here's why you should try eccentric training such as Nordics & Romanian Deadlifts for preventing and rehabilitating hamstring injuries

Squats targets a large amount of musculature and can be used to develop strength, power or endurance. But have you tried an overhead squat before? We explain how this lesser used exercise should be performed + reasons why its worth adding into your t...

3 simple tips that we can take from pro athletes to make our own training routines more efficient, more beneficial and more enjoyable!

If you are looking to fuel your post workout recovery, choosing Woza Biltong will help replenish 4 major nutrients. We explain what biltong is and the reasons for including it into your diet

On the last minute grind to get your footie pre-season performance gains? These 3 tips will help you get fitter, stronger & quicker and ready for that pitch!

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