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A medicine ball can be the perfect beach or park workout essential and helps keep you in shape during ice cream season. Here's how to use this handy tool for power or cardio training

Elbow niggles after exercise? Worried about pain in your forearms? Here’s a no-nonsense guide to simple strength exercises you can do, plus your treatment options

How fascia inflammation in your feet can occur, plus how it can be prevented and recovered through fascial releasing ... think massage ball rolling!

A no-nonsense guide to why endurance runners should be lifting to improve their running success. Plus why endurance runners won't see a bulk up in body mass!

For hamstrings to withstand forces, they must be strong in a lengthened position (the swing of your run). These 3 exercises are fail-safe formulas for training this muscle group

You don't want to get this wrong! Understanding the reasons why most injuries occur is key (fyi mostly at the end of gym sessions / end of team sports!). Take these steps to reduce your risk

*VIDEO* How to perform this versatile exercise - Whether you're a newbie, have tight hips or a seasoned squatter, here's why you should add it to your training

Everyone playing a sport should be doing some sort of agility training - here are some things that you could practically do to improve your agility & performance in your sport

Old myths that kids shouldn’t lift weights have now been conclusively debunked. Here's a guide into the long term health benefits of children weight training & tips on how to start

The ever-popular back squat is a transformative exercise, great for building mass and strength in the legs and hips. Here's how to perfect it at every stage of your training

An interview insight into the elite training of international Cricketers - What does Phil Scott do with the England cricket team to get them ready for matches?

Tight hammys? Don't neglect this muscle group any longer - here are 3 key exercises you should be including in your workout to max that hamstring development!

You've made it to the final week of the The Ultimate Frame Cross-Training Plan! You total bad-ass! Join us and the fitties at Move Your Frame with Week 4's #equipechallenge and feel epic!

You're half way there! Join us and the fitties at Move Your Frame with Week 3's #equipechallenge - The Ultimate Frame Cross-Training Plan. We've done the thinking for you, you just need to haul-ass to class!

Last week we launched the #equipechallenge with Frame. How did YOU get on? Change up your fitness routine with Week 2's Plan in the Ultimate Cross-Training Frame Plan

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