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Jumping straight into your fave trainers, HiiT routine and then passing out on the couch? Adding these 7 simple movements will help prepare your muscles for training and prevent injuries

With minimal equipment and the extended quarantine, motivation can flag. So here are a few things you can do alongside your exercise, to keep your fitness motivation going

When the Xmas excess is making you sluggish, here's a simple at-home, whole body workout to help 'sleigh' your fitness goals and have a 'Happy New Rear'!

Rest is the key to achieving training gains. If you don't give your body sufficient rest you will never progress, essentially making all that training redundant. Here's why!

Elbow niggles after exercise? Worried about pain in your forearms? Here’s a no-nonsense guide to simple strength exercises you can do, plus your treatment options

How fascia inflammation in your feet can occur, plus how it can be prevented and recovered through fascial releasing ... think massage ball rolling!

Hit up your local pool or seaside & embrace this low impact activity that's not only great for mental wellbeing, but also gives you a versatile strength workout

Feeling “stuck” at a certain weight in your upper body workout? Here's the correct position you should be aiming for, the extra exercise you can try + tips on how to build strength

Here's how to maximise crucial Testosterone levels when you train for muscle growth & strength development + the exercises you need and how many times to perform them! Simples!

How do you progress your Calisthenics training and wow the gym crowd? Jeason Marvin shows you how to master these advanced moves for increased body strength, agility & core stability

Jumps play an important role in almost every sport. Here's our top tips for powering up those dynamic jump tekkers!

Squats targets a large amount of musculature and can be used to develop strength, power or endurance. But have you tried an overhead squat before? We explain how this lesser used exercise should be performed + reasons why its worth adding into your t...

Everyone playing a sport should be doing some sort of agility training - here are some things that you could practically do to improve your agility & performance in your sport

The ever-popular back squat is a transformative exercise, great for building mass and strength in the legs and hips. Here's how to perfect it at every stage of your training

Here are 3 simple single leg exercises that can be done anywhere to prevent ankle sprains, the no. 1 most common sporting injury

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