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Together with the most engaging wellness experts of today, we deliver expert advice, and curate original products of high quality, at great prices. To help you live well, live full, live long.

Take a look at what makes PMD unique: tea straight from the source in Maskeliya; the people they work with for 3 generations + handpicking tea in a time-honoured way

Choose from 12 flavours of speciality black, herbal, green & decaf loose leaf tea and tea bags, plus teaware gift sets of the world’s most sought-after brew

Own Your Workout + Maximise Comfort While You Sweat With Boudavida Activewear. Clothes that make women feel good about their bodies and be inspired to get active

Need a fix of zen vibes? Let your body surrender into super soft, calming yoga clothes by chaYkra. Natural fabric yogawear that gives you the most comfortable stretch and does good for the communities who make it

Here's 3 simple throws you can do with a gym ball to help increase your athleticism, recruit large muscle groups and give you a challenging, efficient & fun workout...just watch out for humans, light fittings, windows etc!

Here's how to maximise crucial Testosterone levels when you train for muscle growth & strength development + the exercises you need and how many times to perform them! Simples!

The ever-popular back squat is a transformative exercise, great for building mass and strength in the legs and hips. Here's how to perfect it at every stage of your training

Set yourself the #LBEparkchallenge & beast that outdoor workout! WATCH how to nail this free, no-equipment-needed park workout - Introducing Holly, the LBE Shiba Inu athlete!

Keep your volume high & your rest times short + other backed-by-science approaches to maximising your hypertrophy for the ultimate gains!

Like a breather when you workout? Discover how using cluster sets to rest can actually help you train at a heavier weight for more repetitions!

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