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Together with the most engaging wellness experts of today, we deliver expert advice, and curate original products of high quality, at great prices. To help you live well, live full, live long.

Jumping straight into your fave trainers, HiiT routine and then passing out on the couch? Adding these 7 simple movements will help prepare your muscles for training and prevent injuries

With minimal equipment and the extended quarantine, motivation can flag. So here are a few things you can do alongside your exercise, to keep your fitness motivation going

Should you keep meditating when sadness or anger keep cropping up in your meditations? Is there a right meditation to do depending on how you feel? Holiday is here to help!

Continue advancing your understanding and practice of meditation to free yourself from self criticism with the last chapter of Holiday Phillips's 30 Day Guided Meditation videos. Find days 21-30 here.

Should you meditate morning or evening? Do you keep procrastinating and putting meditation off? Getting annoyed with how frequently you mediate? Holiday is here to help!

Continue learning the basic techniques of meditating to free yourself from self criticism with Holiday Phillips's 30 Day Guided Meditation videos. Find days 11-20 here.

Is meditation supposed to be boring? Should I force myself to meditate even if I don't want to? Do you keep falling asleep when you try to meditate? Holiday is here to help!

Our fave Meditation guru, Holiday Phillips has a new SELF ACCEPTANCE meditation challenge, and you should totally join it! If you ever criticise yourself, we have days 1-10 guided meditations here!

Pick up some kickass products that our customers go crazy for with our guide to the 9 best UK wellness festivals with marketplaces for 2018

How do you get to be head coach of football & volleyball university programmes? Discover this and her top 10 articles she has written for Life By Equipe that you might have missed!

Fight Night is coming! Watch mere mortal city workers compete in the boxing ring after weeks of pro boxing training. Here's all the tickets details - who has what it takes to be a White Collar boxing champion?

How the founders of Arctic Power Berries’ Scandinavian upbringing inspired them to bring flavour and flavonoids to your meals + how to get the best out of your pure berry powder. What are their favourite berry powder flavours?

Meet our chef-turned Coach. What is it like training scholarship athletes from Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Rowing, Rugby, Futsal and other sports? Leon takes you through his coaching philosophy, his personal workout program and why pati...

London Intercontinental Hotel Spa review - a fairly priced, brilliant facility spa for a well-deserved relaxing break or pampering session

What's it like being an athlete in training? PT Jeason Marvin takes you through his mindset, workout routine and breakfast of champions! Find out here!

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