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Together with the most engaging wellness experts of today, we deliver expert advice, and curate original products of high quality, at great prices. To help you live well, live full, live long.

Jumping straight into your fave trainers, HiiT routine and then passing out on the couch? Adding these 7 simple movements will help prepare your muscles for training and prevent injuries

There are credible, empirical, science-based reasons to take increased exposure to EMF and the advent of 5G seriously. This covers questions you may have around how 5G works, what scientists say the health risks could be

With minimal equipment and the extended quarantine, motivation can flag. So here are a few things you can do alongside your exercise, to keep your fitness motivation going

Reserve your spot on this luxury 5 day yoga retreat to help you reclaim your essence of spirit, work through what is holding you back from your goals and to feel more empowered, rested and recharged

Panacea Health Hub invite you to retreat in the French sunshine for expert-led nutritional therapy, personal training and mindfulness coaching, fully personalised to you. Make sustainable wellness changes and stay in a luxury chateau!

Discover this wonderful hub for families to experience yoga, relaxation and mindful activities together and hear about the OM:POP pop-up events where there will be yoga, mindful creative & reading corners, and mindfulness support for parents

How do you get to be head coach of football & volleyball university programmes? Discover this and her top 10 articles she has written for Life By Equipe that you might have missed!

Meet our chef-turned Coach. What is it like training scholarship athletes from Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Rowing, Rugby, Futsal and other sports? Leon takes you through his coaching philosophy, his personal workout program and why pati...

What's it like being an athlete in training? PT Jeason Marvin takes you through his mindset, workout routine and breakfast of champions! Find out here!

The physical and mental psyche of what makes a good rugby player, from the professional experts who coach them.

Keep your volume high & your rest times short + other backed-by-science approaches to maximising your hypertrophy for the ultimate gains!

Own the boxing ring and master these 4 devastating left hooks. Carlos Andrade, a senior Boxing Trainer at the prestigious KX gym in Chelsea guides you through each of them

What's it like training with ultimate PT Lee Stephens? Lee trains the stars at F45 Training - the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world! Find out here!

Chatting all things wellness & healthy eating with Chef Lucy from The Deli Kitchen, who is owning the healthy eating scene in Barcelona with her delicious, vibrant & seasonal menus. We can't stop drooling over her creations.

We love a bit of cake now and again sandwiched between our training programmes and eating healthy. If you want to make your treats as deliciously healthy as possible, you’ll love this!

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