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Together with the most engaging wellness experts of today, we deliver expert advice, and curate original products of high quality, at great prices. To help you live well, live full, live long.

Get your new year goals ready with this fitness journal by Two Minds and start breaking unhealthy habits, one step at a time! Here's why it's a great gift idea...

Designed to empower self-improvement, mindfulness & positive thinking, here's what to expect from each section of the Journal & how it can influence your own personal happiness

Being willing to react to changes and adjusting your lifestyle isn't easy but it's key for developing a solid emotional wellbeing. Here's how a balance of mind stimulation and relaxation helps create a flexible mind

Our top 18 guided meditations from free site: Meditainment, ranked in order that we most enjoyed them! Which one will be your go-to-guru when you need to relax?

Meditation that takes you places - Why these FREE 18 guided meditations by Meditainment are the best for relaxing, calming the mind, handling stress & emotional wellbeing!

The founder of K&S's personal mental health journal + how unusual combos of flavours & textures make her Balls Good Mood Food!

28 min Mixtape of soothing music to meditate to by a 'free-from-fluff' meditation teacher, founder of Breathe & Stop & DJ, Holiday Phillips.

WATCH: The founder of BlissCloud's personal wellness journal, her self care tips where all emotions are welcome (yep, even the 'meh' ones), and how she started her business in the wellness industry

Top 3 Tips Video by Holiday Phillips who can help you keep your zen-meister status, no matter how stressy your festive season becomes!

We go 'behind the balance' with author of the inspirational Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal. Discover Liz Longley's wellness tips + get a cheeky insight into how she designed the journal that transforms your life!

Track your health & fitness goals for less than 10p a day with The Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal! Introducing the 6-in-1 journal & how it will improve your wellbeing!

Keep your volume high & your rest times short + other backed-by-science approaches to maximising your hypertrophy for the ultimate gains!

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