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Turn a bare cupboard into a tasty vegan dinner in 30 mins with this Puy Lentils Salad Recipe, by feel good vegetarian & vegan food yogi, Lucie Ataya

Turn dinner into an exciting feast with this delicious mezze of Broccoli and Taboulé Salad, Greens & Baked Halloumi, by feel good vegetarian & vegan food yogi, Lucie Ataya

Top tips and advice that'll set you up for being successful at your yoga teacher training course. A must read for any budding Yogi Academy students!

If you are thinking of completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course, here are 10 practical things to ponder that'll help you pick the right course for you!

Unlock Your Inner Mindpalace - Sherlock Style - With This Mudra Hand Gesture for problem-solving!

Never doubt your Dopeness with this yoga hand gesture! Face obstacles head on and feel strong! Learn how

Learn why you salute your fellow yogi's in class and bring some balance and reflection to your life with this hand gesture.

Current mood: spinning plates?!? The Yoga hand gesture version of 'the spock' helps to bring balance and calm that busy mind - Learn how to here

Get Handsy : Feel The Calm - When life throws you shade, give this meditation mudra a go for instant calm and quiet determination.

Your Mudras on fire!!! Give yoga mudras the thumbs up to help balance heat and energy in the body now we are heading into the colder months.

Feel all wisdomous and supplement your yoga and meditation practice with this yoga hand gesture for inner peace! Ommmmmmm.....

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking - Learn how to create lightness in your body with the Surya Mudra

Get handsy with your Kshepana Mudra - a yoga hand gesture used to release stress, letting go of anything no longer useful. No Disney tune needed!

Get all Mudra in the Hood-RA! Understand the benefits of this Yoga & meditation practice with a step-by step guide. Series 1 - The Chin Mudra

"You can't do yoga if you're not flexible" - 5 Ridiculous Myths That Actually Stop People Doing Yoga

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