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Winter bugs and sore throats are a given - but there is a stimulating yet simple store-cupboard ingredients remedy you can knock up that'll last up to 1 year

Anyone can change any habit. Enter the new decade with these 3 intentions + learn these top 3 tips for making & keeping your resolutions...Finally!

We all know that Christmas is a time for indulging and relaxing the rules.  However if your willpower is as strong as the waistband in your leggings (yesssss...stretchy pants!), you'll love these top tips for a healthier xmas

Should you keep meditating when sadness or anger keep cropping up in your meditations? Is there a right meditation to do depending on how you feel? Holiday is here to help!

Continue advancing your understanding and practice of meditation to free yourself from self criticism with the last chapter of Holiday Phillips's 30 Day Guided Meditation videos. Find days 21-30 here.

Should you meditate morning or evening? Do you keep procrastinating and putting meditation off? Getting annoyed with how frequently you mediate? Holiday is here to help!

Continue learning the basic techniques of meditating to free yourself from self criticism with Holiday Phillips's 30 Day Guided Meditation videos. Find days 11-20 here.

Is meditation supposed to be boring? Should I force myself to meditate even if I don't want to? Do you keep falling asleep when you try to meditate? Holiday is here to help!

Our fave Meditation guru, Holiday Phillips has a new SELF ACCEPTANCE meditation challenge, and you should totally join it! If you ever criticise yourself, we have days 1-10 guided meditations here!

Need some 'food inspo' for your working week breakfasts?  Want to stay away from sugar-loaded cereal and add more muscle building protein to your breakie?

When all you fancy is a vitamin-packed, light and tasty meal, give this recipe a try. Great for 'using-up' all the leftover veggies in your fridge, it doubles as a great side dish

Fight Night is coming! Watch mere mortal city workers compete in the boxing ring after weeks of pro boxing training. Here's all the tickets details - who has what it takes to be a White Collar boxing champion?

Our top 18 guided meditations from free site: Meditainment, ranked in order that we most enjoyed them! Which one will be your go-to-guru when you need to relax?

Meditation that takes you places - Why these FREE 18 guided meditations by Meditainment are the best for relaxing, calming the mind, handling stress & emotional wellbeing!

Cook a simple & light 'Green Giant' soup that has the most delicious but unusual combo, that could help with fluid retention and pain cramps

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