Life (lʌɪf) ǀ Definition (noun) the period from birth to death ǀ Origin Germanic

équipe (eɪˈkiːp )  ǀ Definition (noun) a team ǀ Origin French




A problem shared is a problem halved or at least thats how the saying goes…...we’ve taken this to the extreme and sourced our team of experts to help us maximise life…..its life by equipe!!


Life By Equipe originally came about to fill a void in the market for people to get trusted (with like actual supporting evidence) wellness information, products and services.


Having spent years supporting the lives of the super rich and elite athletes we decided we wanted to make this valuable experience and information more accessible. We now exist to revolutionise the health and wellness arena by providing friction-less solutions (life hacks) that enables people to maximise their life.



‘Live well, live full, live long.’



Its an Intelligent Wellness approach complicit to promoting the three pillars of health – varied nutrition, varied physical activity with plenty of Sleep.



Everything we do is to help people feel good, live life to the full and improve longevity. We provide access to experts and content to help fulfill the LBE motto - we also search far and wide to find you the best stuff needed to complete this journey we call LIFE in the best possible way -  and make all this accessible to everyone



Together with the most engaging wellness experts of today, we curate original products of high quality, at great prices, plus include expert advice to help you live well, live full, live long.

Harry Fisher – Curator & Co-founder

  • With over 15 years experience across the fitness and wellness industry, delivering fitness in high-end environments.

  • International fitness tutor, developing and delivering courses across the UK, Europe and Africa.

  • Self confessed shopaholic,  fashionista and sneakerhead

Louise Hebden – Community Manager, Care & Co-founder

  • Provides excellent eCommerce store management, 1st class customer service & delivery, specialising in creating engaging brand communication with a warm & friendly client-centred approach.

  • Louise uses her psychological background in Coaching skills and Diversity Awareness to demonstrate the highest proficiency with advice and support to customers and stakeholders.

  • A leading expert practitioner in the UK sport and fitness industry and ex international athlete.

  • Julie brings a wealth of understanding of health & wellness plus insider access to athletes and other experts in the field.

Bill Fisher - Marketing & Co-founder

  • Over 15 year’s experience working with Advertisers such as; Hotels.com, BT, Philips, Reiss, AllSaints, Gant, Littlewoods, Paramount, Plusnet, Sainsburys, Stylistpick & Premier Farnell, to create best in class digital marketing programs.

  • Expertise in using marketing technology, data and eCommerce platforms to rapidly build great experiences for our customers

Miriam M - Life By Equipe Contributor & Certified in Fitness Nutrition

  • Certified in Fitness Nutrition by  International Sports Science Association, and in Advanced Nutrition by HKU Space. 

  • She emphasises the importance of mind-body balance and the benefits of mindfulness and physical movement for long term health.

  • She found that the amount of modern information around food and health can be overwhelming or confusing for many people, and as result, she has created the pocket book series "Food Wisdom", to make knowledge accessible, simple, and practical.

Author of Food Wisdom Ebooks at shop.lifebyequipe.com

Jon Cooper - Life By Equipe Contributor

  • Meet Jon Cooper, Associate Lecurer in Sports Coaching, S&C Coach, Sailor

  • An Associate Lecturer in Sports Coaching at Southampton Solent University.

  • As well as having completed a MSc in Athletic Development & Peak Performance, Jon is a  ‘Senior Sailing Instructor’, ‘Strength & Conditioning Specialist’, ‘PowerBoat Instructor’ & has kicked it with the Crystal Palace Football Team!

Lucy Beckwith - Life by Equipe Contributor

  • Yoga Teacher & creator of YO-MU, Live music and Yoga flow sessions. 

  • Resident in the heart of Barcelona, YO-MU offers daily classes and tours live events across the UK and world-wide. 

Jeason Marvin - Life By Equipe Contributor

Dr Libby Watson - Life By Equipe Contributor

  • A Chartered Clinical Psychologist & running-club lover with specialist experience in weight management and eating related distress.

  • Libby offers 1:1 psychological therapy tailored to your individual needs, working in Essex and London.  For more information, please visit www.tri-psychology.co.uk

Kyle Poleon - Life By Equipe Contributor

  • Expert in Conditioning, Cardio & Football

Lucie Ataya - Life By Equipe Contributor

  • Yoga Teacher for private, group and corporate classes across South and Central London. 

  • Lucie intervenes on 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training courses.

Carlos Andrade - Life By Equipe Contributor

  • Boxing, Martial Arts, Combat & Fitness Expert

  • Acquired British and European titles in both kickboxing and martial arts

  • Greatest achievement was winning the WKA light-heavyweight European kickboxing title

Conor Macdonald - Life By Equipe Contributor

  • Tennis Expert

Dan Donnelly - Life by Equipe Contributor

  • Strength and conditioning coach who has worked extensively in both progressional and recreational rugby, as well as with the general gym goer.

  • With a background in rehabilitation and injury management, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to all his athletes.

  • Dan is currently working out in Kuwait, training client from both a sporting and non sporting background helping them achieve goals such as performance gains, aesthetics and pain management.

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